Corentyne man who killed wife in 2016 jailed for 20 years

Michael Benjamin and his now dead wife, Yunsen Brush

A Corentyne, Berbice labourer, who stabbed his reputed wife to death back in 2016, asked the court for a just penalty in the Berbice Assizes on Wednesday.

Michael Benjamin, 45, of Ulverston, Corentyne stood seemingly satisfied in the docks when the sentence was handed down to him by Justice Brassington Reynolds.

He was charged for killing his reputed wife, Yunsen Brush, on October 17, 2016, and when the matter was called up for hearing, he pled guilty to the lesser count of manslaughter.

Reports were that on October 17, 2016, Benjamin went to a shop in his community where he met his reputed wife and after a conversation, an argument ensued. He then whipped out a knife and stabbed her. At the time of the murder, Benjamin had alleged that his reputed wife had taken a large sum of money from him and gave it to her mother to build a house.

A post-mortem report on the dead woman’s body had indicated that there were six incise wounds.

The trial Judge, before handing down the sentence, told Benjamin that he had deprived his young son of the nurture of his mother.


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