Corentyne man reportedly takes life after assaulting grandparents


Hours after reportedly assaulting his grandparents, the lifeless body of a 20-year-old Rose Hall resident was found hanging in the home he shared with them on Tuesday afternoon.

Dead is Stephan Baldeo of Rose Hall, Corentyne.

Based on reports received, on Tuesday morning, Baldeo was confronted by his concerned grandparents about his reported substance abuse.

However, their inquiries reportedly angered the young man to the point where he allegedly picked up a pipe which was lying in the yard and began to ‘viciously beat’ the elderly folks about their bodies.

Shortly after, he left the home and his grandfather reported the attack to the police in “B” Division.

Later on Tuesday, when Baldeo returned home, the police were informed and visited the residence with intentions of arresting the young man. However, they were met with the 20-year-old man’s lifeless body dangling from the ceiling in the house.

Investigations are ongoing.


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