Corentyne man dies after reportedly setting self on fire

Naresh Rampersaud

Police are investigating the circumstances surrounding the death of a 34-year-old man, who reportedly set himself on fire.

Dead is Naresh Rampersaud of Third Street, Miss Phoebe, Port Mourant, Region Six (East Berbice Corentyne).

According to his wife, Roopadia, the incident occurred during the wee hours of Friday (June 26).

The woman related that she and her husband went to bed together on Thursday night but she later woke up to sounds of him screaming.

“I hear a holler and my eyes open and he [her husband] was not with me on the bed and when I look on the louvers I see the fire reflection…”

“I push the door because the door left open and I run outside. I didn’t even see him on the ground because I looking at the house thinking that the house burning, and then when I look on the ground I see him and I start to scream and call for my next door neighbor,” the woman explained.

“My neighbor tell me to take clothes or something and beat the fire with it and I start to pull the clothes of the line and then my father and brothers and neighbours run over and out the fire.”

The police were summoned and they took the injured man to the Port Mourant Hospital; he subsequently died.

The wife suspects that her husband might have set himself on fire. She explained that over the past week, he had begun burning himself with lighted cigarettes. The woman believes her husband might have been mentally ill.

Naresh Rampersaud had begun burning himself with lighted cigarettes

“In December month he tell me that his nerves affecting him and I carried him to the doctor and [he] get treatment for two weeks.” He was subsequently admitted at the Port Mourant Hospital.

In January 2020, the woman recalled seeing her husband in the possession of poisonous substance.

As a result, she took him to the hospital again where he was admitted and spent two weeks in the National Psychiatric Hospital.

“Then in February he take in with this mental thing again and end up in the ‘Mad House’ again for one more week,” the woman told INews.

Investigations are ongoing. [Andrew Carmichael]