Corentyne man found dead in house


The body of a man was on Thursday morning discovered at his Number 49 Village Corentyne, Berbice, home with marks of violence thereon.

Dead is 58-year-old Shazeed Ishmael Khan, whose body was discovered by his brother Fazil. Reports are that Fazil would visit the now deceased Ishmael on a regular basis, hence the visit on Thursday was normal.

Bibi Singh, sister of the two men, told INews that she was at home when her brother turned up and informed her that Ishmael was dead.

“He (Fazil) told me that he went to take fish for him (Ishmael) to cook, and saw him lying by the door with a big bruise on his forehead, and a bottle brake near him.”

Ishmael’s body was reportedly found next to the front door. Singh noted that she did not go to see the body, but was told that he could have fallen.

“He is diabetic and he lived alone. Piece of his foot cut off, that’s why the small brother does go and check on him,” she explained.

However, Police have detained the victim’s brother, Fazil, after he insisted that he wanted Ishmael’s body buried on Thursday, due to Muslim rites.

An investigation is, however, underway.