Corentyne labourer found hanging in bedroom


A 62-year-old Corentyne, Berbice labourer allegedly took his own life between Friday night and Saturday morning.  Ramlall Tajenarain also called ‘Dovie’ of Lot 88 Grant 1651 Crabwood Creek; Corentyne was in the habit of threatening to take his own life whenever he consumes alcohol.

Based on information received, the man’s motionless body was found hanging in his bedroom by his wife on Saturday. The alcoholic has been consuming alcohol for the past three weeks although being warned against it.

His wife, Sobhadrawattie Tajenarain disclosed that the now dead man retired to bed at about 21:00h on Friday evening. Although, she did not see him the following morning, she did not suspect anything was amiss since he would normally sleep late.

However, after hours passed and no signs of the man, the woman went to check on him but his bedroom door was locked. This prompted her to peek through a window and it was then she observed him in a stooping position on his bed with a piece of rope tied around his neck.

She immediately raised an alarm and the police were summoned. The body was taken to the Skeldon Hospital mortuary awaiting a post mortem on Monday.


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