Corentyne homes broken into, cash and Jewelry taken


Three homes situated on one property at Alness, Corentyne, Region Six (East Berbice-Corentyne) were burglarised on Monday night while the occupants were attending a wake in the village.

At about 00:15h on Tuesday, when Jasodra Budhran, 80; Kalawattie Dhanpersaud, also called “Wattie”, 53; and Kowsilla Sukhu, 41, returned home, they discovered that their homes were burglarised.

Budhran, Dhanpersaud and Sukhu live in the first, second and third houses in the same yard respectively.

Dhanpersaud stated that as she made her way to her yard, she saw two pickets missing from the fence and thought something was amiss.

The mother of two explained that she then realised that the front door to her house was wide open.

“I call dem boys because we scared. When dem boys come and check then I go in.” The other women also requested the ‘boys’ to check their homes since the doors were also open.

“We go up and check, next thing I see them try bruk the lock but it was too big so they pull out the whole facing and break down the door,” Dhanpersaud said, while noting that a small quantity of jewellery and an undisclosed sum of cash were missing.

Budram, who occupied the first house in the yard, explained that her home was ransacked but nothing appeared to be missing. It is believed that the intruders left before completing their mission.

The street had been busy as persons were going to and from the wake during the evening. It is believed that the main target was Sukhu’s home.

Several overseas visitors who came for the funeral were staying at her house which was also ransacked.

Upon checking, it was discovered that the men stole three gold bangles, one pair of gold earrings, a gold chain and three gold rings. In addition, Sukhu related that then perpetrators also escaped with US$150.

“I had those pieces of jewellery for many years. This is the first time something like this happen to me in this village,” she said.

One of the visitors, Deonarine Budram, told this media group that out of fear, they will be cutting short their visit.

The Police were summoned to the area to investigate but the victims were told that the ranks will return to take statements.


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