Corentyne home invaded by bandits, pensioners robbed


Four masked men, one armed with a handgun and three with cutlasses, invaded a home at Sand Reef, Albion, Corentyne, Berbice on Wednesday evening and robbed two Corentyne pensioners while chopping a labourer in the process.

Sumintra Roopnarine

According to reports reaching this publication, Rookmin Roopnarine, 85, and Sumintra Roopnarine, also called “Chandra”, 64, were in the lower flat of the house conversing, with the front door open when the masked men rushed in and held them at gunpoint before demanding cash and jewellery.

Both residents were robbed of $20,000. According to Sumintra, the bandits held her daughter-in-law hostage and had a cutlass at her neck during the attack.

Meanwhile, Memlall Bhawanie, 44, said he was at the next-door mandir when his son told him that thieves had gone to their house. He said he did not believe him and laughed, but a few minutes later as he was making his way home, he saw someone moving in the dark.

He said he stopped before taking a step backwards, but by the time he did, there were four men around him.

One held a cutlass to his neck and then he was reportedly chopped. Bhawanie said he fell, got up, ran and attempted to jump over his neighbour’s fence, but could not make it.

However, his screams alerted the neighbour who raised an alarm, forcing the bandits to flee, but as they did, several shots were reportedly discharged in the air.

Bhawanie was treated at the Port Mourant Hospital and sent away.

Police say they are investigating the incident, but so far no arrests have been made.


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