Corentyne communities flooded due to high tides


Several villages within close proximity of the Number 63 Beach on the Corentyne are under water due to high tides.

Communities between Number 64 Village to Number 50 Village were inundated on Wednesday evening as sea water gushed into the farmlands.

Some communities along Guyana’s coast have been hit by flooding as a result of either breaches in the sea defences or overtopping.

Sections of the villages became inundated after water rushed across the beach at Number 58 Village and then through an opening on the sea dam as it gushed its way down the street leading to the farmlands.

High tides on Monday and Wednesday had weakened the sea dam.

Prime Ministerial Regional Representative Gobin Harbhajan said the matter would be raised at the Regional Democratic Council (RDC) today. (Andrew Carmichael)