Corentyne Chamber urges Central Govt to allocate funds to maintain No. 63 Beach

The Number 63 Beach in Region Six (East Berbice-Corentyne)

Sustainable development and maintenance of the Number 63 Beach will need very large input from the Government, according to the Central Corentyne Chamber of Commerce.

On this note, the Chamber is calling on the Government to allocate funds that would be used to maintain the facility.

The Chamber told reporters that managing the beach is a challenge for the 52/74 Neighburhood Democratic Council (NDC).

Public Relations Officer of the Chamber, Adrian Anamayah, has said the NDC does not have the resources that are needed to adequately maintain the beach as a tourist attraction in Berbice. He has since expressed appreciation that the Government has acknowledged the importance of establishing a permanent management committee to overlook the venue.

In recent times, there has been growing interest in the Beach. In fact, First Lady Arya Ali, in September 2021, visited ongoing work on a children’s play park. The project is an initiative of hers, and should cover 300 feet x 300 square feet. The park, when completed, would be equipped with swings and other amenities that children can use, together with washroom facilities.

The Number 63 Beach is hype on Easter weekends, with thousands of persons from the coast visiting to fly kites and spend time with their families. In the last two years, the beach was closed on Easter weekends.

It is considered by many as the most popular beach in Guyana, but the high cost to maintain the facility is worrisome. Anamayah says funds to maintain the beach must be a line item in the budget.

According to him, it is very difficult for any committee to generate the income needed to adequately maintain the beach. There is no income from those who use the beach, and it is very expensive to clean up after they would have left.