Corentyne carpenter touched live electrical wire – before falling off roof to his death

The carpenter who died when he fell off the roof of a house at Corriverton on Saturday may have been electrocuted. That is according to one of his workmates who said the dead man came into contact with a live electric wire as he fell.
On Saturday Youraj Sewlall, 29, of Number Naught Village, Corentyne, fell off the roof of a house at Corriverton and landed on a concrete step. He died while receiving medical attention at Skeldon Hospital.
DEAD: Youraj Sewlall
DEAD: Youraj Sewlall

According to a colleague, Sewlall was the only person on the roof at the time as he was placing blocks at the side of a section of the roof specifically constructed to hold water tanks.

“The top is concrete so he was at the edge laying some small blocks and right overhead there is their GPL wire… For some strange reason this time, when he raise up he come into contact with the wire because police find the hat and the hat bun. So apparently he get shock and when he get shock he did not fall that way where the concrete is, he fall this way and land on the concrete step,” the colleague recalled in the popular creole dialect and using his hands to show how the man fell and where.
Sewlall landed about half way up the stairway and rolled to the bottom.
The injured man was rushed to Skeldon Hospital and then transferred to the New Amsterdam Hospital.
 Wife of the deceased Devika Tejnarine, 27, and the couple's two children
Wife of the deceased Devika Tejnarine, 27, and the couple’s two children

Meanwhile, his wife Devika Tejnarine, 27, said he had been a carpenter for 12 years. According to her, she received a phone call on Saturday informing her that there was an accident and her husband was at the hospital in a critical state. The woman said she initially was not allowed to see him.

“Blood was coming through his mouth and his ears but the lower part of his body was okay. No damage just the face from the neck up,” she recalled.
The couple has two children, Ashley, 8, and Daniel 18-months. Police are investigating.



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