Corentyne businessman waited 9 hours for police response to attempted robbery

The Subnauth Gas Station

A businessman on the Corentyne, Region Six (East Berbice-Corentyne) is annoyed and concerned after he waited for some nine hours for the police to respond to an attempted robbery at his gas station located at Number 56 Village.

Dave Subnauth told this publication that at around 01:15hrs today, a suspected burglar was seen at the Subnauth Gas Station. However, the suspect made his good escape on foot after one of the owners interrupted his actions.

The perpetrator left behind a number of items at the scene, including two bags, a can of paint, and his bicycle.

The bicycle left behind by the suspected burglar

At around 01:20hrs, Subnauth said he called the Number 51 Police Station and informed them of what transpired.

“51 police [Number 51 Village Police Station] say they will call the patrol. About 20 minutes after, we called again and they said that the patrol will come just now. We called Springlands [Police Station] to follow up to see if the patrol coming and they said the same thing, that the patrol will come just now. We wait until about 3 O’clock and no patrol show up. Up to this morning still no police come, and about 10:30hrs then the police come,” the frustrated businessman explained.

He explained that at one time, when they had called back the Number 51 Police Station, they were told to take the suspect’s bag inside and keep it.

“We don’t know if the bag get guns of if it get drugs or whatever it get. I don’t know how the police can advise you to keep something like that in your possession,” he expressed.

The backpack left behind by the suspect

The businessman said he is very much concerned about the response time and called on authorities to look into the matter.

“We did not lose anything but my problem is that the Commander need to wake up and start doing his work that he is getting pay to do. Make sure that he get adequate patrol and adequate police and the response time must be reasonable,” the businessman contended.