Corentyne businessman ‘fears for his life’ after assault, bar robbery by gunmen


Police are presently hunting several suspects- one of whom is said to be a known character- with regards to a robbery on a Corentyne bar (Mike’s Beer Heaven) and its customers on Sunday evening.

According to information received, at around 19:30hrs, five armed, masked men entered the bar and held approximately 25 customers and the owner, Krishdendatt Hemnauth at gunpoint.

The bandits- while firing warning shots in the air- commanded the hostages to lie face down, be quiet and turn over their belongings which amounted to over $1M in cash, among other valuables before escaping.

Hemnauth related to officers that during the ordeal which only lasted a few minutes, the gunmen targeted him, as they continuously hit him over the head with their firearms.

Moreover, the entrepreneur said that it appeared as though the men were familiar with him.

Inews was told that this is the first time bandits have ever struck Hemnauth’s business and that the elderly man expressed fear for his life.


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