Corentyne brothers killed during robbery died from gunshot wounds- autopsies


The autopsies conducted on Premchand Samaroo, 45, also called “Tully”, a labourer and a father of two of Bush Lot Farm; and his brother Harichand Samaroo, 46, called “Davo”, a farmer and father of three of Lot 81 Bush Lot Farm, Corentyne determined that the men died from gunshot injuries.

Murdered: Premchand Samaroo

Bandits on Monday last killed the two brothers during a Corentyne, Berbice robbery.

One of the brothers was shot at point blank range to the head while the other was beaten and based on the autopsy shot as well.

According to the Police, the autopsies done on Thursday by Government Pathologist Dr Nehaul Singh at the Fort Wellington Hospital Mortuary determined that ‘Premchand died from multiple gunshots while Harricharran died from gunshot injuries to the chest.’

The incident occurred at their mother’s home situated at Lot 446 Bush Lot Village, Corentyne.

According to reports, at about 20:30h on Old Year’s night, the two brothers were at their mother’s home celebrating with an elder cousin, who was visiting from the United States.

During the celebration, a loud explosion was heard, which some family members dismissed as a squib but Premchand Samaroo’s relatives thought it was too loud and too close and decided to investigate.

As Premchand walked from under the house, he was shot to the head and fell, dying seconds later.

His mother, Irene Samaroo, 67, who was at the time inside the house, said she went in search of a torchlight.

“He did sit down and eat food in the kitchen when we hear something like bomb coming from the backyard, so “Tully” went to see what happen and tell me to go bring the torchlight and he walk go,” the grieving mother related.

Her older son, Harichand Samaroo also went to investigate and was beaten by the bandits.

Murdered: Harichand Samaroo

The dead men’s mother told said that she was approached by one of the intruders as she reached the bottom of the step with the torchlight.

According to her, three masked men approached her. She said she saw two of them were carrying firearms.

One went to her and two others went to her cousin, Moonilall Robert Kumar, 71, a US-based Guyanese, who came into the country the previous day for a two-month stay.

Kumar said the third bandit was carrying a cutlass.

“One had a gun to me and the other had the cutlass and I tried to remain calm and they told me that they wanted money. He ask me for my wallet and I told him that I don’t have a wallet…” Kumar related.

The bandits also demanded money from the dead men’s mother.

“So I take out the money that I had in my shirt pocket and he say that he don’t want that.”

Irene related that one of the bandit demanded that he wanted cash and not jewellery. She related that the men escaped with US$350, just over $60,000 from her cousin and a further $6000 from her pocked before leaving.

She said the family then took the torchlight and went into the back yard in search of her son. Premchand’s lifeless body was found lying in a pool of blood.

“I say like they carry away my next son and start to holla. Somebody from the house over there say look him lying at the back. I go and shine the torchlight and I see him lying down and he can’t help himself.”

Harrychand was picked up and placed in a hammock where he asked for water and indicated that he received injuries to his abdomen.

He was taken to the Port Mourant Hospital where he died while receiving medical attention.

Meanwhile, his wife, Bhagwattie Harrypersaud, 47, explained that they were married for 23 years and have three children – the eldest being 24.

Meanwhile, as investigations continue, several persons have been taken into custody for questioning in relation to the murders.



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