Cops to launch probe into ‘disappearance’ of 26-yr-old forestry worker

Missing: Michael Banfus

After meeting with the Commissioner of Police, Leslie James, on Tuesday some amount of hope was restored to the family of 26-year-old Michael Banfus, after they were promised an in-depth probe to determine what exactly happened to the young man, after he disappeared over a month ago.

This is according to the cousin of the missing young man, Vianne Banfus who told INews that they visited the Top Cop’s office and provided all the necessary information relating to Banfus.

After being referred to the Brickdam Police Station and speaking with Regional Sub-Division Commander, Marlon Chapman, the family along with a representative of the Guyana Forestry Commission (GFC), was promised that an investigation will be launched.

It is expected to commence tomorrow since they will be examining all the incidents which led up to his disappearance, especially the alleged suicide of the male company he was last seen with.

“So we spoke to the Commander at Brickdam this afternoon, and they said they will do the investigation, and we told them about Michael’s roommate also the best friend who would know his whereabouts. So they will be doing the investigation, I think it will commence tomorrow they have to find him….they said they will get back to us as soon as possible because they will have to find out the relationship between Michael and the person who commit suicide,” Banfus noted.

This publication previously reported that the younger Banfus (Michael) was last seen by relatives at the Amerindian Hostel then at Everest Cricket Club, where the Amerindian Heritage Game was hosted.

The young man’s cousin recently related that after being told by a family friend that Michael sometimes spends the weekend in Berbice, she along with co-workers of the young man visited the person’s home only to be told by the friend’s family that he (the friend) had allegedly committed suicide, and Michael was unknown to them.

The 26-year-old is originally from Kurukabaru Village, Region Eight (Pataro-Sipiruni) and has been residing in the capital city, as he is currently employed as a forestry technician. Banfus, as previously reported, was said to be a student at the Cacique Accounting College, however, the school has since said that they do not have a student by that name on their records.

Anyone with information regarding the young man is asked contact the nearest police station.