Cops still awaiting DPP’s advice in case of murdered woman, chopped son

Waheeda Shamshudeen

The files on the brutal slaying of 52-year-old Waheeda Shamshudeen and the chopping of her son, Nazir Khan have been sent to the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) for legal advice.

When contacted, the dead woman’s daughter, Nabeela Shamshudeen told Inews that they were informed by the Region Three (Essequibo Islands-West Demerara) Police Commander Errol Watts that the files were sent for advice and were expected to be returned shortly.

It has been almost a month, and family members said they were still waiting for the files to be returned to the Police with the DPP’s recommendations.

The dead woman was found by her son-in-law, who went to take her to visit the 20-year-old Khan, who was hospitalised at the Georgetown Public Hospital after he was brutally chopped by their neighbour.

This occurred just a day after the woman received death threats from the same neighbour, with whom she had not been on talking terms for years

She was found on August 6 with a dent to her head, her neck severed, and a plastic bag over her face. Her body was also covered with a sheet.

The woman’s son-in-law told reporters that when he went to pick up his mother-in-law, he made several calls to her, but all of the calls went unanswered. It was when he went to check, he made the gruesome discovery.

After the death of the mother of eight, the Police had detained four persons, inclusive of the persons who the family had suspected of the murder, but they were all subsequently released.

Meanwhile, Khan, during the earlier confrontation with the accused neighbour, was chopped to his back and head. He was a patient in the Intensive Care Unit at the Georgetown Public Hospital, but was later discharged.

His sister told this publication that he was slowly recovering. She explained that he could now walk and talk, but would suffer severe pain at times.

Investigations are still ongoing.