Cops reviewing CCTV footage of daring robbery attack on delivery truck

The truck along with Police after the incident occurred

Investigators are currently reviewing Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) footage of a daring robbery attack on a delivery truck on Thursday morning by two gun-toting bandits in Rasville, Roxanne Burnham Gardens, Georgetown.

The suspects are yet to be apprehended, however, a source told INews that a breakthrough could be made soon in the case.

Based on information received, the incident occurred around 9:00h as the truck was making a delivery in the area. INews understands that two armed men pounced on the truck and requested the driver open the back of the vehicle in which the money was being kept in a safe.

During the course of the robbery, the driver, along with two porters, was assaulted by the two perpetrators.

INews understands that the men escaped with more than $3 million  in cash.

When this publication arrived at the scene, an eyewitness explained: “Two men came up to the truck on a motorcycle and went to a guy and snatch the man and it looking so casual and all I see is this guy pulled this other Indian guy from the front seat and pulled him to the back and forced him into the back to open something and the other one was on the bike waiting on the other one.”

Meanwhile, the eyewitness, who also resides in the area, noted that there has been a surge in crime in the community.