Cops probing double murder in T&T …burned body found in car, man gunned down


(Trinidad Express) Homicide officers are investigating a double murder in Diego Martin on Tuesday night. Police were told that about 11.45 p.m., residents of Sea Trace, Bagatelle Road, Diego Martin, heard a loud argument along the roadway, followed by several loud explosions.
Upon investigating they observed a blue Nissan Almera motor vehicle which was parked on the roadway on fire.
The police and emergency health services were notified. However, a resident of the area, who had a water truck, put out the fire.
When officers arrived, they checked the vehicle and found the charred remains of a human body in the trunk of the car.
The area was immediately cordoned off. However, while doing this, police officers observed the body of a man lying in the gallery of a home in the area.
He appeared to have been shot multiple times.
This individual was later identified as Arendell Atwell, 26, of Mahogany Trace, Bagatelle Road.
He was said to have been well known to the police and had even been detained earlier this year in relation to narcotic related offences.
The body of the man discovered in the trunk of the car was later identified as Casife George from Bagatelle Road.
Speaking to the media yesterday, Georges’ relatives said he was a “loving and kind- hearted person” who, as far as they knew, was never involved in criminal activities.
As a result, they believed that he was killed simply for being in the “wrong place at the wrong time” and they therefore advising persons to always be wary of the company they kept.
With these two killings the murder toll, according to police, has been pushed to 122 — two more than the 120 in the comparative period in 2016.


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