Cops probing discovery of skeletal remains at Corentyne foreshore


The skeletal remains of an unidentified person washed ashore at Number 52 Village, Corentyne, on Friday. Divisional Commander Ian Amsterdam has confirmed that Police will have to conduct a DNA test to determine who the remains belong to.

However, there are fears that the remains may be linked to the three fishermen who went missing on May 29, 2016. The men disappeared into the muddy waters of the Corentyne River after reportedly being tied to anchors and thrown out of a boat by pirates who had earlier stolen their catch.

Those missing are Dochan Sukra, 54, also called “Butcher” of Number 55 Village; Dhanpaul Rampaul of Number 67 Village; and Munish Churman, 26, also called “Boyo” of Number 60 Village.

Police are continuing with their investigations.


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