Cops probing alleged stabbing death of ECD housewife; husband hospitalised after consuming carbon tablets


Police say they are investigating the murder of Deorani ‘Priya’ Dyal, 20, of 123 Hope Low Land, ECD, which occurred about 09:30hrs today (Friday), allegedly by her 28-year-old reputed husband.

Investigations revealed that the suspect left his common-law home about two months ago due to domestic issues. Shortly after 09:00hrs today, the suspect visited the victim and minutes later she was heard screaming and he was seen fleeing the house.

Neighours responded and found the housewife with several suspected stab wounds. They rushed her to the Dr. Nicholas Hospital at Nabaclis, ECD, where she was pronounced dead on arrival; the body is being removed to the Lyken’s Funeral Home.

The suspect is currently a patient at the GPHC under guard, having reportedly consumed some poisonous tablets (Carbon). He was arrested at Greenfield Village, ECD.



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