Cops nab 3 suspected bandits in Ruby Backdam


…2 escaped

The Police have reportedly arrested three suspected bandits in Ruby Backdam, East Bank Essequibo (EBE) on Sunday evening while two escaped.

Based on reports received, a resident of Ruby Backdam was driving along the main access road heading home when he came under gunfire.

He reportedly attempted to overtake two cars – a Carina 212 and a Toyota Premio when the occupants opened fire. The man managed to escape and immediately contacted the Police.

A cousin of the traumatised man explained that the Police took close to an hour before they responded to the report. Nevertheless, he noted that as the Police were making their way into the Backdam, they reportedly intercepted one of the cars with five occupants.

Dead: Somdat Ramgobin

As the car came to a halt, two of the men exited and ran into the bushes. The Police reportedly discharged rounds in their direction, but they managed to escape. The other three occupants were arrested.

The man explained that Police found a gun and ammunition in the motor car. He stated that the residents were fearful given the fact that two men remained at large. He recalled about two months ago, a businessman was shot and killed during the commissioning of a robbery and believed that the group of men were on a mission to commit other robberies in the area.

Somdat Ramgobin, 46, also known as “Rakesh”, was killed in mid-May when bandits invaded his Parika Backdam home.

It was reported that two men entered the premises – one brandishing a gun – and asked for “Rakesh”. The men then proceeded to call out to Ramgobin who responded, and was immediately attacked with a glass bottle and beaten to his head and body.

The duo then demanded cash and were given some G$600,000 by the now dead man. Unsatisfied, the men then demanded jewellery and after being told that there was none, they took Ramgobin to a bedroom in his house where they shot him to his chest.