Cops nab 2nd juvenile escapee, other still on the run


The second of three juvenile escapees who fled the Sophia Juvenile Holding Centre over the weekend has been recaptured while the other is still on the run.

The hole in the wall via which the three young men made their brazen escape on Saturday
The hole in the wall via which the three young men made their brazen escape on Saturday

Acting Commander of ‘A’ Division, Marlon Chapman disclosed that escapee number two was found in Berbice, Region 6 (East Berbice/Corentyne) just one day after the other accomplice had been nabbed in Rose Hall, Corentyne .

While security at the facility is said to be “quite secure”, an insider suggested that more measures need to be employed in light of the breakout.

Meanwhile, INews understands that the police are “close” to capturing the final escapee.

The three teens were taken to the facility on Friday after they had been transported from Essequibo and Berbice. Two of the lads were reportedly charged with break and enter offences and one was arraigned for robbery.

The three young men had opened a hole in the wall of the lower flat of the holding centre and made their escape through it by scaling the security fence.

Police on Saturday confirmed that the first recaptured juvenile was a resident of Adventure, Essequibo Coast, who was on remand for robbery under arms.

The juvenile facility houses children who would have committed criminal offences, instead of placing them with adults at state penitentiaries.

The Juvenile Offenders Amendment Act, passed two years ago, makes provisions for Holding Centres for Juveniles. Section 20 (a) of the Act says that the Public Security Ministry may establish and maintain as many centres as may be necessary as the Holding Centres for Juveniles for the reception, care and custody of children and young persons under the orders of the court or for any other appropriate reasons as the Minister may determine.




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