Cops investigating alleged rape of 15-yr-old


By Kristen Macklingam 

A family has been torn apart following revelations that a 15-year-old girl is now pregnant and accusations are being pointed in the direction of both the child’s step-father and another relative. 

Reports are that the teenager is some four months pregnant. She was accompanied to the police station to make a report about the matter. 

investigationAt the time she became pregnant, she was living with her aunt, her aunt’s husband and other siblings in her relatives’ Tuschen, East Bank Essequibo (EBE) home. 

It was alleged that the girl’s uncle-in-law fostered a ‘dislike’ for her step-father and had instructed the pregnant teen to tell police ranks that it was the step-father who impregnated her.  

Senior Superintendent of Police, Leslie James, who is now in command of “D” Division told INews that upon further questioning the young girl and her uncle-in-law, it was revealed that the step-father was not the person who had impregnated her. 

“She is now saying it is someone by the name of ‘Mark’ who is from the Tuschen community also, but she cannot identify which house or street the alleged perpetrator is from. In fact, she only provided a first name since she says she does not know the surname of the man or any other information. She had taken ranks to a home but when they investigated there was no one by the description she had given for ‘Mark’ living there but what I can say is from the statements both the uncle-in-law and stepfather are clear so far from allegations of having sex with the minor,” Commander James explained. 

He stated that at present the teen is residing with her mother in the Good Hope village, EBE, and that investigations are continuing into the matter. 


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