Cops hunting two over robbery attack on internet café


Law enforcement officials are hunting for two men believed to be involved in a robbery attack on a Durban Street, Lodge, Georgetown internet café on Tuesday evening.

Based on information received, the incident occurred at around 19:30hrs. INews was informed that the two unmasked men entered the GuyAmerica Internet Café, pretending to be customers, and told the employee on duty that they wanted to make an international phone call.

As such, the young woman reportedly handed one of the men a phone but as he was about to reach for it, the suspect allegedly pointed to the handle of a metal object- resembling a gun- which was buried in a bag.

The duo then threatened the woman and ordered her to turn over all the valuables. As such, they were able to escape with one Samsung mobile phone, $59,000 in cash and a DVR among other items, including the woman’s handbag.

This online publication was told that before fleeing the scene, the perpetrators brutally assaulted the female employee.

They then left the scene on foot, heading in the eastern direction along Durban Street.

The police were contacted shortly after and an investigation was launched into the matter. 


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