Cops hunting bandits who terrorised, robbed New Amsterdam family


Police are now searching for four bandits who terrorised and robbed a New Amsterdam, Berbice family in their home on Tuesday evening.

According to a source close to the investigations, investigators are examining all leads in an effort to ensure those who committed the daring robbery attack are brought to justice.

Based on information received, the bandits pounced on one of the family members who resided in the lower flat of the two-story building. The men reportedly entered the bottom flat through a window.

They then used the woman as leverage to threaten the other relatives who resided in the upper flat, in order for them to allow the armed perpetrators entry.

One of the victims told police that his attackers ambushed him with a cutlass and bashed him over the head, causing the wound to bleed profusely. The injured victim’s cries were reportedly heard by his nephew who ran out of his room to investigate.

However, by then the bandits had already fled the scene with a substantial quantity of gold and diamond jewelry belonging to the female they ambushed in the lower flat of the house.

The police were informed shortly after.

The injured man is presently being treated at the New Amsterdam Public Hospital,

Investigations are ongoing.


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