Cops get tough against curfew violators; several others charged in Linden

Police Commander of Region 10, Superintendent Hugh Winter

Five other Lindeners were charged for violating the country-wide COVID-19 curfew in Linden, Region 10 (Upper Demerara-Berbice) as law enforcement officials in the mining town begin to take tougher action against errant persons.

Three of those cases were heard virtually by Magistrate Wanda Fortune on Friday which saw one violator being fined $5,000, another being reprimanded and discharged while the cases against the others were dismissed due to lack of evidence.

Several others are expected to make their court appearance on June 26.

Since the implementation of the curfew, Police in the mining community have intensified their stance in an effort to contain the deadly virus.

The 18:00h curfew measure which is expected to run until June 3, was taken as a form of social distancing in light of the COVID-19 global pandemic.

Residents, apart from essential workers, are mandated to be indoors by the stipulated time and as such, the police have implemented measures to ensure that the system is adhered to.

Regional Commander, Superintendent Hugh Winter, noted that anyone who attempts to make their way into Linden from Georgetown via the Bamia-Soesdyke-Linden Highway route after the curfew time will be redirected back to their location or may be required to wait until the following morning.

Additionally, there are police roadblocks set up at various areas across Linden, including the Bamia checkpoint, Amelia’s Ward, the Mackenzie-Wismar Bridge and the Five Corner area.

There are also patrols traversing all areas and according to the Regional Commander, anyone found to be in violation will have their names placed in the curfew book and escorted to the nearest police station.

For drivers, their vehicles are lodged until the next morning. Henceforth, violators are given return dates to facilitate prosecution and virtual court appearances.