Cops find ganja at ECD house; teen among 2 arrested

The narcotics found on the teen

A 17-year-old male along with his uncle was arrested on Friday after police ranks unearthed a quantity of marijuana at the home of an East Coast Demerara businessman.

Reports are that the businessman, 65-year-old Clairmonte Barnes called ‘Rastaman’ or ‘Chubby’, is currently before the court for Possession of Narcotics for the Purpose of Trafficking.

Investigations led police officers to conduct a cordon and search at the man’s Middle Walk Buxton, ECD, home. At the time of the operation, a 17-year-student of an ECD Secondary School was at home.

Police say the search was carried out in his presence and that of an uncle, who was with him. During the exercise, a transparent bag was found in the ceiling of the house containing 22 transparent ziplock bags with a quantity of leaves, seeds and stems suspected to be marijuana.

The teen and his uncle were informed of the discovery made and escorted along with the suspected cannabis to the Vigilance Police Station.

The narcotics was weighed in their presence and amounted to 37.2 grams.

Investigations in progress.