Cops awaiting advice from DPP on way forward in Tiger Bay kidnapping case

DPP Shalimar Ali-Hack

A controversial former Police Officer, a businessman, and his security guards are in Police custody following the kidnapping of a Tiger Bay, South Cummingsburg, Georgetown man.

According to reports, those in custody are a former policeman – who had shot a teenager in his mouth in 2013 and pulled an unlicensed firearm on his wife in 2018; a 33-year-old businessman; and two of his security guards.

According to a Police source, detectives are now awaiting advice from the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) to determine the way forward.

Based on reports, the men abducted 26-year-old Chris Etwaroo from his home at 17:30h on Sunday after he was accused of stealing several items from a Waterloo Street, Georgetown business place.

INews was told that the man was placed in a white Tacoma pickup (registration provided) and taken to the business place where he was chained and beaten with a cutlass, a piece of wood and a chain.

Reports are that following the beating, Etwaroo was later placed in the trunk of another vehicle (registration provided) that was driven by the former Policeman. The chains were removed from his hands and feet.

He was then taken to an East Bank location, but managed to escape. He told Police that he ran towards the public road, stopped a minibus and went home. He said he related what had happened to his aunt, who then took him to the Police Station where an official report was made.

Investigations are ongoing.