Cop likely to be charged soon for Soesdyke fatal accident …victim remains unidentified


The pedestrian who was struck-down and killed by a vehicle driven by a police rank who was at the time escorting an injured colleague to hospital over the weekend, remains unidentified.

The PPP 8497 Allion motor car that struck the pedestrian at Soesdyke, EBD

A reliable source told INews on Tuesday that the case file is with the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP)  who will soon determine if charges will be laid against the police constable who struck the pedestrian in the wee hours of Sunday morning while the victim was crossing the Public Road at Soesdyke, East Bank Demerara (EBD).

INews understands that once the DPP gives the go-ahead, the policeman will be charged in the new week. The pedestrian suffered severe head injuries and was picked up and placed in another vehicle with the previously injured police rank, and taken to the Diamond Diagnostic Centre. It was while en route to the EBD facility that medical personnel pronounced the unidentified man dead.

The first accident occurred at the Timehri Public Road, EBD when constable Gavin Gentle lost control of his PTT 5444 motorcar and crashed into a utility pole. The constable implicated in the pedestrian’s death came up and was in the process of transporting his colleague when he struck down the man with his privately owned Toyota Allion PPP 8497 motorcar.

It was claimed by police that just before the fatal accident, the Allion motor car of the implicated constable was escorted by a police vehicle with flashing lights and the sound of its siren. According to information received, the driver of PPP 8497 had allegedly swerved from the pedestrian who was said to be on the centre of the road when he was struck down by the constable’s car.  The driver of PPP 8497 had been detained and tests reportedly revealed that no alcohol was traced on his breath. The dead man’s body is currently at the Lyken funeral parlour.

Investigations into both matters are continuing.


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