Cop caught with unlicensed 9mm gun – ‘friends’ on CG motorcycles also arrested

Ranks of a police traffic patrol, yesterday, stopped a group of five men who were on three CG motor cycles at Norton Street and Louisa Row, Georgetown. A search was subsequently carried out on the men and an unlicensed 9mm. pistol with 15 rounds was found on one of them who is a Police Constable stationed in ‘B’ Division (Berbice).
He has been placed under close arrest while the other four men have been arrested and are in custody assisting with the investigations.
The motor cycles have been seized by the police.


  1. Cop caught with unlicensed 9mm gun – ‘friends’ on CG motorcycles also arrested.
    No one listens to the cries of the innocent hard working taxpaying citizens of Guyana where they keep crying out loud that they are more afraid of police than bandits..
    These police knows why they take the job- then cry out their wage is too low as though if they are never told of their wages before taking the job.
    Most will walk away from low paying jobs but not those with criminal minds when it comes to police job.
    They know the tremendous power police jobs comes with-Uniform -badge- authority over all others on the streets- weapon.
    When citizens cries out that police are the bandits one way or another their cries go in vein..Police not showing up on certain crime scene- as Basil Williams and Winston Felix says- divert police attention from the crimes.
    They then discussed planting illegal drugs on a citizen when arriving at the airport.
    The question that no one asked is– do these men have the power and authority to carry out planting illegal drugs on any citizen? You bet they have the power and authority over others at ports of entry and exits and will not hesitate in using their power.
    Its the exact same with police – a police officer can take your life and justify it with impunity.


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