Coomacka gets new Resource Centre


…commissioned by Food for the Poor

 Food For The Poor Guyana Inc. on Saturday last commissioned a new Resource Centre in Coomacka, Linden which will see youths of the community receiving training in several skilled areas.

The aim of the centre is to enhance the academic performance of the students and young adults in Comacka.

The youths will now have access to education and skilled training in a number of areas.

Construction of the flat concrete structure which was done by youths in the community, is 50 feet by 30 feet and consists of a library, information technology department and skills training department.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of FFP, Kent Vincent noted that the newly equipped building will have a positive impact on families in the community as it will cut the financial cost for parents having to send their children to far distances to acquire similar trainings.

Vincent, however, cautioned those beneficiaries to take care of the facility and to use it for the betterment of the community.

The newly commissioned resource centre at Coomacka

“With this project, we expect that the overall performance of students will improve as they will have better access to learning equipment including the computers as we understand that Wi-Fi will become accessible in the near future. Residents will have access to skill training that will enable them to be more skilled and employable. This project will have a positive impact on families because the children will no longer have to travel to Linden for learning resources. As such, we encourage you, the residents, to take good care of this facility; make use of it, use it for the betterment of the society,” Vincent encouraged.

The youths were further encouraged to use the centre to further strengthen their values, morals and cultures.

Project Manager, Brinaire Jean said the project took some eight months to be completed.

He revealed that a former resident of Coomacka, Desiree Dane is the person who pushed for construction of the centre.

As such, Jean revealed that FFP is committed to working with the community to provide the necessary resources to have the children trained.

Jean explained, “We are willing to work with the community to see what is necessary , what we will be able to provide to add more to the building. However, in the next six months or so, I would love to see the kids doing better and hopefully we will see leaders coming out of this community”.

Following those remarks, the ribbon was cut thus official declaring the centre open. Villagers were also treated to a brief tour of the facility.



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