Conversation Tree traffic lights to officially operate from tomorrow


The Ministry of Public Infrastructure has commenced operation of the traffic lights at the Southern end of Conversation Tree, East Coast Demerara, with an official functioning date set for tomorrow, June 20, 2016.

Over the past few days, engineers from MPI have been testing the traffic lights, which rest on a junction, to determine the best sequence to operate. Following these tests, the sequence will officially be set tomorrow.

Ministry officials also repainted road signs at the junction and plan to shift the nearby pedestrian crossing to better accommodate pedestrians.

treetree 1



  1. There should be at least two road signs of about 15m before the stop lights and one directly at the stop lights so the drivers could know which lane to be in unless lane driving is no applicable. This is more important for those drivers who are not familiar with the geography of the area especially foreign drivers -Guyanese in particular from the diaspora


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