Controversial Red House matter under review by Govt


Minister of Legal Affairs and Attorney General (AG), Basil Williams, at a press briefing today at the Attorney’s General Chambers, indicated that the controversial issue relating to the usage of the Red House is currently being considered by Government.

Williams pointed out that the Administration feels strongly about  Red House being used only as a research facility to showcase one former president, as such he believes that good sense should prevail and the People’s Progressive Party Civic (PPPC) should agree to its “objective use”.

“Red House is on prime government land and the situation (in which it was being used to showcase work by one past president) reeks of selfishness…we’re hoping and believe that all nine Presidents should have that opportunity,” Minister Williams explained.

The Red House located on High Street Kingston, Georgetown
The Red House located on High Street Kingston, Georgetown

However, the PPP/C had from the inception objected to this. The Party had said numerous times before that the name ‘Red House’ is an exemplification of the fact that Dr Cheddi Jagan was, at that time,  branded a ‘Red’ and ‘Communist’ and due to the fact that he lived at the time in that building it became known as Red House or the Red’s House.

The Party had maintained that former Presidents Forbes Burnham and Desmond Hoyte were never deemed as ‘Red’ or ‘Communist’ and they never shared the ideology and philosophy of Dr Jagan. As such, to suggest that Red House be the depository of Burnham’s and Hoyte’s work is “objectionable”.

According to the PPP/C, for anyone to associate Red House with Burnham and Hoyte would be a “historical misnomer” and contrary to the progressive anti-colonial and anti-imperialist ideas, thoughts and memories associated with Cheddi Jagan.

Only three months after taking office, the APNU/AFC coalition had indicated its interest in controlling Red House.

The Red House is located on High Street, Kingston, Georgetown. It was once the official residence of the Colonial Secretaries and prior to that was occupied and owned by Sir Eustace Woolford, a former speaker of the Legislature. Dr Cheddi Jagan lived there whilst he was the Premier of British Guiana from 1961-1964.

The Cheddi Jagan Research Centre was officially established in 1999 with the intention to promote research into and publish materials on the life, work and ideas of Dr Jagan.


  1. The red,white,green or blue house is the property of the State,and as such,it`s government`s property.There is no racist motive in this Coalition trying to have it legally handed over back to the State.Cheddie lived there for some time,yes,but has vacated years ago,but the PPP seems to believe,that it is its property.I believe,this is a covetous attitude,which must not be tolerated or encouraged.Puppets will say what they don`t know or understand.

  2. Controversial Red House matter under review by Govt
    This is blatant racism..Remember when they wanted to place Jagan pic next to Bunham at Presidents college? They scream bloddy murder//

  3. Utter rubbishy. Leave as is. Why the need to incorporate other Presidents work within this historic building that has so much connection to Dr. Jagan. Can’t this PNC Government find another building to showcase ther icons (Burnham & Hoyte)????. Yes it is Government land however Dr.Jagan was once President of this nation therefore he is entitled to have his work displayed at the Red House. It’s time to move on. PNC stop with this racial division.


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