Controversial Marriott Hotel Lights Up



IMG_20140516_181924[] – The Marriott Hotel, which is still under construction, has installed its signature on the building in Kingston, Georgetown.

Only on Thursday (May 15), Head of the Presidential Secretariat, Dr Roger Luncheon told a media conference that the secret investor of the hotel will soon be released.

The hotel was scheduled to be opened in August; however, to date there is no word on whether there is any financial closure with Republic Bank. In 2013, officials were confident that the deal would have been sealed with the bank; however there have been no reports of such to date. Republic Bank is expected to grant a US$27M loan to finance the project.

The Marriott will boast 197 rooms, a large ballroom, conference centre, casino, nightclub, restaurant, a concrete walkway and all other amenities of a world-class hotel. On completion, it will provide employment for close to 500 Guyanese. The project was launched in 2011 and is an estimated total investment of US$51M.



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