Controversial APNU Candidate wins seat in G/town Municipality…but Granger says issue up for discussion at Party level


Controversial A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) Candidate, Winston Harding, who was previously accused of child molestation, has won a Constituency seat in the Georgetown Municipality in the Local Government polls held yesterday.

APNU/AFC Candidate Winston Harding
APNU/AFC Candidate, Winston Harding has won a seat in the Georgetown Municipality

This is despite the fact that two days prior to the LGE, the APNU had withdrawn its support for him over allegations of child molestation.  Harding’s name was still reflected on the ballot paper and managed to come out victorious in his Constituency.

However, at a press conference held this morning, President David Granger announced that the Coalition will be having discussions on the matter to determine the way forward.

With regards to Harding either being recalled or allowed to take up his seat as a Councillor in the Georgetown Municipality, the President stated that he was unable to make an announcement at this point in time since the issue had to be discussed at the Party level.

However, Granger maintained that he stands by the statement of non support that was issued by the APNU on Wednesday after the allegations were reported.

Additionally, the President is likely to ask Social Protection Minister, Volda Lawrence to explain statements she made allegedly in support of Harding.


  1. They are all the same what do you expect to happen regardless of this knuckle head behaviour race is what takes precedence over character ( Corbin remember him?)

  2. Controversial APNU Candidate wins seat in G/town Municipality…but Granger says issue up for discussion at Party level.
    Lets also see Sheriga Naggee up in this molester’s face like she dont to the PPP dr….if PNC let him remain in power then pnc will not be able to take to the streets against anyone in any other political party for wrong doings..might be a legal thing this but let see pnc morals on this if pnc has any that is

  3. How weak a president is Granger that he needs to have “discussions” about the way forward in coming to a decision about whether a person accused of child molestation could hold his seat!!!!Well I guess with the likes of other accused rapists in the PNC party it’s no wonder they have to hold talks!!!! Shameful!


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