Control “loose cannons” or there would be serious trouble – PPP/C warns coalition

General Secretary of the PPP, Clement Rohee. [iNews' Photo]

By Radha Motielall

General Secretary of the PPP, Clement Rohee. [iNews' Photo]
General Secretary of the PPP, Clement Rohee. [iNews’ Photo]
[] – The People’s Progressive Party/Civic is cautioning the opposition coalition against what they believe can become “serious trouble in Guyana”.

Speaking at the Party’s weekly media briefing on Monday, May 04, General Secretary Clement Rohee pointed to the recent Facebook posts on the military vote by APNU+AFC Candidate, James Bond and stated that no excuse from the Opposition such as “exuberant supporters or loose cannons” can explain or justify such behaviour.

Bond took to his Facebook Page hours after voting had started for the disciplined forces on Saturday, May 02 and said, “From initial reports 98% of the ballots cast by the Disciplined Forces have been for APNU+AFC. Imagine the ranks are openly stating they have voted for the coalition.”

Bond had defended his posts by nothing that he conducted an exit poll.

In response to this, Rohee said “if all of us are to do exit poll and put it up on the internet or wherever you want to put it …. is share confusion and I don’t think it would end so easily, because there is bound to be trouble in the streets of Georgetown”.

One of the Facebook Posts by Bond
One of the Facebook Posts by Bond

The question, he added, will be whose results are true, given that they will most likely have differing figures.

As such he said if “we don’t want confusion in this country, we better control ourselves”, adding that the excuse of a group of exuberant supporters will not suffice as this has nothing to do with exuberance.

Rohee said the PPP is a mass political party and it has sent out instructions to all of its polling agents to adhere to the rules of the Guyana Elections Commission.

The PPP, Rohee said wants Bond to be charged for his “misdemeanor”.

He said “I believe that Mr. James Bond has committed a serious misdemeanor and must therefore face the legal and criminal consequences of this dastardly act, which he has committed.”

But when pressed by the media to state definitively what misdemeanor or charge should be instituted against Bond, Rohee replied that he would not wish to pronounce on that, adding that it is for GECOM and its legal team to cogitate on.




  1. Y don’t u shut the hell up James stupid idiot fool I hope u have a degree for ur mouth

  2. PNC are know for making troubles and breaking up PPP meetings, that’s why the police was force to criminally charged Vanessa Kisson,Juliet Atwell, Alieshaw Barker, Leonie Alexander, and Marcelle Williams in Linden.
    Now those Bamsy PNC women gone and PISS on the Government Flag before setting it afire. Shame on you PNC! Shame, Shame, Shame on you PNC women!!

  3. Lookout! Rohee is venomous and the PPP is about to escalate their campaign in a dangerous way, read through the lines of rohee’s comment, “if we don’t want confusion in this country we better control ourselves,” what kind of confusion us he referencing? Be vigilant a dying tiger is doubly dangerous.

  4. I told PPP members that the Dr must resign immediately after he was stupid enough to fall for a PNC trap with the Sheriga woman..Police didnt fell for it with her antics at the marriott opening..
    I tell you this and I told PPP that if Bond and the person who was seen on video urinating on the PPP flag then burnt it and what they were chanting is not charged then PNC rule and guess what folks?? Innocent citizens of Guyana will pay a heavt price for PPP inaction..Mark my words..Innocent citizen will get a glimpse of serious and deadly things coming their way since they will all know PPP cant protect its citizens.

  5. James Bond is an ass. He just want to make people think that they have won the majority already. I don’t care who wants to do what. All I know is PPP WILL WIN AGAIN! !!

  6. Mr. Rohee, You need to call upon the International body to observe what the PNC has started because if there is any problems in the street is only we may feel the hurt because the one hundred and fifty five guns are with the criminals still.
    The PNC are now sure that the PPP will have an easy 57% votes at the May 11th Elections.
    Therefore the PNC are getting more desperate and crazy.
    PNC must not be trusted!
    Granger said Nagamootoo cannot be trusted!
    Ramjattan said Granger is meat!

  7. Totally agreed that exit polls can be done and therefore people will be aware that discipline services men and women always support the opposition. The ruling party needs to concentrate on the general public to win so there is no use disputing what Mr. Bond is saying.

  8. The fact that the government making an issue with this shows they’re scared of loosing because I’m thinking he’s intelligent enough to know there’s nothing wrong with doing a exit poll…….. maybe they all are scared cause its a possibility most of them could face criminal charges after elections

  9. rohee is one real dumb ass, ready to predict armageddon in the streets because private citizens are conducting exit polls and making the results know. rohee stop being an idiotic alarmist and stop your dog-whistling and coded language and let the people know what an exit poll it. if people riot in the streets is is because of the nasty campaign that the ppp has led thus far and if the results of the election doesn’t go the ppp way, it is definitely the ppp dumb cult following that is going to cause the mayhem in the streets. rhoee, jagdeo,ramotar, luncheon, nandlall and the whole pack of them must be held responsible for every riot if there are any after may 11th.

  10. That minister is very stupid what kinda charges can brought against someone that did an exit polls. Why didn’t the minister get charge for assault why he promise to slap and strip the lady. As a minister he’s sending a very negative vibes around, if the country is going to vote on what’s happening of Facebook then you guys definitely living happy than we around the world thinks, i’ve never heard of this in my entire life. I think that minister should do more research


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