Contracts inked for cleaning major city canals, internal drains at Le Repentir



Contracts[] – Minister of Local Government and Regional Development, Norman Whittaker who handed over the contracts to the contractors, explained that the works entail de-silting and de-weeding of canals and removing materials to the Haags Bosch Sanitary Landfill.

This also includes the cleaning of culverts, and under bridges and in tunnels that are within the path of the canals.

Minister Whittaker noted that while persons have been complaining that the project is taking too long to be implemented, planning is also important to ensure that there is transparency and efficiency while executing the project.

In addition, a contract valued US $112,910 was also awarded to Netcom Computer City for the procurement of Laboratory equipment. These will be used to monitor water and air quality at Haggs Bosch, Lusignan and Le Repentir Landfills, as well as other landfills across the Region.

The portable equipment will aid these facilities to maintain the standards stipulated in the Environmental Permit issued by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) along with any other environmental parameters that may become necessary.

Over the past two weeks, the Local Government Ministry, the Mayor and City Council along with other stakeholders have been hosting consultations with residents across the city wards to hear their views on the $500 M city clean- up exercise that is slated to begin in August.

[Extracted and modified from GINA]



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