Contractor crushed to death by alleged drunk driver

The scene of the accident. [Guyana Times Photo]


By Fareeza Haniff

The scene of the accident. [Guyana Times Photo]
The scene of the accident. [Guyana Times Photo]
[] – Sixty – year – old Ramdoolar Dhanraj known as Eddy died in a horrific accident this afternoon (Saturday, November 15) on the Pearl, East Bank Demerara Public Road after he was struck down by a lumber laden truck.

iNews understands that Dhanraj, a Contractor, was riding to Sarah Johanna, East Bank Demerara to meet with his employees when the accident occurred.

Information reaching iNews stated that the truck, which is owned by A. Khan and Sons Lumber Yard, lost control while navigating a turn and struck down Dhanraj, killing him on the spot.

Reports indicate that his head received the brunt of the impact, while it is alleged that the driver and porter of the motor lorry were under the influence of alcohol.

They are both in police custody at the Timehri Police Station.



  1. The women in black has fighting all the years for rights on the road. They never got what they wanted. Who feels it knows it. The people around the scene should have let them follow him since everything is a joke in Guyana.

  2. Traffic laws need to like the US. We Guyanese encourage a lot of slackness. People’s life seem to have no value.

  3. law makers will never see —dont want to see..since most of them are boozers that driving under the influence of alcohol and high on dope is fast becoming a plague.
    if the media keep following this case you will see this will turn out just like the many others where nothing happens…they pay the victims a bit of money and gone on their merry way driving again.


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