$$$ Contract signed for road upgrade from Vreed – en – Hoop to Hydronie

Public Works P.S Balram and Michael Archer of Surrey sign the agreement
Public Works P.S Balram and Michael Archer of Surrey sign the agreement

[www.inewsguyana.com] – A multi-million dollars contract was this morning (Saturday, November 22), inked between the Guyana Government and the local and foreign contractors for upgrade of miles of West Coast Demerara roads, between Vreed – en – Hoop and Hydronie.

The contact is a joined venture between local contracting firm – BK International and Surrey Paving and Aggregate out of Jamaica and is being financed by the Guyana Government through a loan agreement with Caribbean Development Bank (CDB).

The CDB provided a total of US$32,200,000 for the project which is estimated to cost US$46,789,000 with a total base cost of US$36,301,000.

The project has six components, three of which have already begun, namely: the road safety awareness, community and driver road safety education and monitoring and evaluation components.

The road works will result in pavement rehabilitation, road widening for separation of pedestrians and cyclist from motorized traffic, installation of traffic lights and road markings, provision of additional highway lights, replacement of the Groenveldt Bridge, extension culverts and relocation of utilities.

This project was passed and approved in the 2014 budget.

Public Works Minister Robeson Benn told those present to witness the signing that the administration over the last two decades has always sought ways to improve public infrastructure, particularly road networks; adding that this is just another one of many tremendous transformational projects.

He assured that due diligence was done by Guyana and the CDB of Surrey. This is the first time the company has successfully secured a job in Guyana after years of unsuccessful tendering on national contracts.

Surrey reps have promised a job of the highest quality and on time delivery as they expressed their optimism to cater to Guyana’s contraction needs as it has done in other Caribbean territories.







  1. Weight and speed limits are essential to the proper upkeep and longevity of our roadway infrastructure.
    A must add to the prohibited list is equipment with crawler wheels (tracked equipment)
    I am always opined though that instead of the expensive upgrading of the highways they should be kept as local roadways and new highways built away from residences etc with specific on and off ramps for villages along the way. The highways would be closed to commercial traffic. Commercial rucks and vehicles over 3 tons would continue to use the existing roads.
    I even support a modest toll to aid in the repayment of the loans for the exercise. Such tolls can either be reduced or eliminated at the end of loan repayment

  2. do up all the roads you want…unless you dont put weight limits on these roads it will bruck up in a blink…the big business people must be held accountable for these roads..


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