Consumers being exploited by local rice millers – RPA rep calls for Factory Act to be implemented


Ramlagan Singh, a representative from the Rice Producers Association (RPA) in Berbice, has called on the Government to ensure that the Factory Act is implemented as soon as possible.

Noting that apart from rising cost for freight, there are unknown price increases that consumers in Guyana are facing when it comes to purchasing rice.

Singh believes that if the proper regulations are in place, consumers will be able to purchase rice at much lower costs.

According to Singh, consumers are being exploited by local rice millers, citing that a 10kg bag of rice has increased from $1200 to $2000 per bag.

Singh pointed out that according to the Factory Act, the manufacturer should have the retail price for the item printed on the container.

“The Factory Act states that the price of an item should be there from the manufacturer. If you go to any mill across Guyana, there is no price label. Every bag of rice that comes out of a mill should have a price – not like how it is happening now; it should have a price and it should indicate the grade. It is not happening. I am calling on the Government to enforce the Factory Act so that the price should be labelled on the bags from the miller so that the consumer would not be exploited.”

He called on the Guyana Rice Development Board (GRDB) to enforce the Factory Act, adding that some of the members on the Board are not functioning in their roles and many have very limited knowledge of the rice industry.

At the same time, Singh called for the revamping of the Pesticide Board saying that he believes that the GRDB has not been properly handling its role in the rice industry.