Construction of $57M Diamond tarmac, parking lot to commence this week

An artistic impression of the tarmac after completion

The Public Infrastructure Ministry on Monday announced that a contract was awarded for the construction of a tarmac for the market and parking lot at Diamond, East Bank Demerara.

According to a statement by the ministry, the contract was awarded to Bardon Construction Service for a sum of $57,188,120.

Works are scheduled to commence this week and is expected to last for approximately four months while the Defects Liability Period amounts to twelve (12) months after the Letter of Completion by the Ministry of Public Infrastructure.

An artistic impression of the tarmac to be built

The project scope entails; the construction of a tarmac on the southern side of Demerara Distillers Limited with a length of approximately 125 meters and 65 meters in width.

The construction will be done in two phases; Phase I – will consist of crusher run and Phase II will consist of the application of asphaltic concrete and possible extension of the tarmac access road to First Avenue, Diamond. More so, the tarmac is to be outfitted with concrete and earthen drains, lighting, toilet facilities, and waiting area for passengers.

However, Brandon Construction Service will only be executing Phase I of this project, which entails; the removal of vegetation from the working area, cleaning of existing culverts, excavation work (depth of 0.8m for a width of 65m and length of 125m), disposal of unsuitable materials off site, ditch excavation, placement of compaction of white sand, construction of concrete drains, bridges and box culverts, installation of lights, toilet facilities, garbage bins and waiting area.

Additionally, Phase II is scheduled to commence in December. The purpose of the construction of this tarmac is to improve road traffic safety – reduction in the number/possibility of vehicular crashes occurring within the area.