Constitutional Reform Steering Committee to announce findings soon –Hughes


By Jomo Paul

Nigel Hughes
Nigel Hughes

[] – Convener of the Steering Committee on Constitutional Reform (SCCR), Nigel Hughes says that in a matter of days, the Body will be announcing the results of its work.

The SCCR was appointed by the APNU+AFC government to establish the framework for a substantive Constitutional Reform Body which is expected to be broad-based and inclusive of all major stakeholders.

Hughes told iNews during brief interview on Monday that work was coming along “pretty good.”

He said that the committee will hold a press conference within the next ten days to announce its findings and put Guyana on a defined path towards constitutional reform.

He told iNews that the process saw the committee interviewing several persons and groups from across scope.

The Steering Committee did not undertake any changes to the existing constitution but will mainly defined the scope of the actual reform process and establish the terms of reference and mechanisms for consultation to establish a Constitutional Reform Commission.

The APNU+AFC in its elections manifesto had stated that it “recognizes that the Constitution, in its current form, does not serve the best interest of Guyana or its people.”

The coalition pledged that within three months of taking up office, APNU+AFC will appoint a Commission to amend the Constitution with the full participation of the people.

According to the coalition, the amended constitution will put the necessary checks and balances in place to consolidate Guyana’s “ethos of liberal democracy. Freedom of speech, reduction of the power of the President and the Bill of Rights will be enshrined in the document.”





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