Constable arrested for stealing impounded motorcycle from Police Station


A  Constable attached to the Grove Police Station was arrested on Monday after he allegedly stole a motorcycle which had been detained in the station compound.

This information was confirmed by Police “A” Division Commander, Marlon Chapman on Tuesday.

Based on reports received, the motorcycle had been recently seized from a civilian after police had been informed that it was stolen. The cycle was then kept in the compound of the Grove Police Station until officers noticed it was missing on Monday night.

It was later discovered that Constable Anthony Jacobs had taken the keys while his colleagues were busy with their duties.

Inews understands that after several calls to Jacobs went unanswered, a search was launched and he was arrested shortly after.

It was reported in sections of the media that after being approached by ranks, Constable Jacobs fled on the motorcycle and led police on a high speed chase, before they caught up with him at the Demerara Harbour Bridge.

However, Commander Chapman said he was not informed of a high speed chase, while noting that the investigation is still ongoing.



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