Congress Place Shooter nabbed trying to leave country

Alleged Shooter: Linden Primo


By Leroy Smith

Alleged Shooter: Linden Primo
Alleged Shooter: Linden Primo

[] – Linden Primo, the man who allegedly fired a single shot in the air at Congress Place on Sunday is now in police custody.

iNews was reliably informed that Primo was arrested at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport (CJIA) last evening, as he attempted to board a flight to United States of America.

This news agency was also able to confirm that thus far the police found no record of the man being the holder of a firearm license and as such is being questioned as to how he came by the firearm.

The Police have been on the hunt for Primo since the incident took place, but could not locate him until last night.

During a press conference at Congress Place on Sunday, Granger confirmed that indeed a gunshot was fired during the 18th Biennial Congress of the People’s National Congress Reform, however he could not say who fired the shot, but he is adamant that the person involved is in no way connected to the PNCR.

He told reporters that an investigation was launched. The Leader sought to explain that persons “broke the barrier and forced their way into the auditorium…someone was in danger of being crushed.”



  1. Yea Right. truly spoken by someone who supports thuggery & bullism. The PNCR do not and cannot comprehend the idea of democracy via ballots. They only know about BULLETS. That’s the ghetto mentality of all the PNC leaders and their gullible followers.

  2. Why” launch an investigation”? Set up a Commission of Inquiry and let the Government pay $60,000,000 to hear lies….

  3. well is nat grunger..grunger the dagger does not know anyone anybody anything tell em grunger dat is ppp sen he deh fuh do must tell dem is ppp always sending ppp thugs to infiltrate all those pnc peaceful protest when beating mugging looting burning too place..yea grunger you tell em is ppp kill dem bana who de trying to follow de ballot tell em is ppp de wiping out dem east indians up in mismar so dat black people could teck om over…yea grunger you tell em is ppp who bun down all dem indian business place in water sat and it was ppp de looting.GRANGER KNOW NOTHING ABOUT NOTHING YEAH: DE MAN IS A SAINT YEAH..

  4. Who were the main facilitators of his quick exit or attempted quick exit out of Guyana? It has to be Granger of course. Did the US Embassy had anything to facilitate this attempted quick exit? Congrats to the Police


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