Condition worsens for Belladrum man who attempted suicide


The young man from Belladrum village, West Coast Berbice (WBB) who ingested gramoxone on Tuesday in a suicide attempt is still battling for his life as family and friends continue to pray for his recovery.

suicide 1Sources told INews, he is currently being transferred to the Georgetown Pubic Hospital due to his worsening condition.

Reports are that the 24-year-old is a minibus conductor and recently had a disagreement with someone whom he was involved in a relationship with and the young woman’s mother.

It was shortly after this incident that he ingested an unknown amount of the poisonous substance at his home; and some are of the view that this recent incident would have contributed to him wanting to end his life.

His brother, upon discovering that the 24-year-old had consumed gramoxone immediately took him to the hospital in an attempt to save his life.




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