Commonwealth team meets Attorney General on Oil and Gas Legislation


A team from the Commonwealth Office comprising Mr. Daniel Wilde, Ms. Alache Fisho and Ms. Arlette Daniel paid a visit to Attorney General, Basil Williams at the Attorney General’s Chambers recently to discuss draft legislation for the oil and gas sector in Guyana.

Photo of Commonwealth Team,AG, Drafting DivisionAccording to a GINA release, the discussion surrounded the draft legislation which was prepared by the previous Commonwealth Team and the ways in which those drafts could be improved.

Suggestions included offshore legislation; a constitutional premise for ownership of natural resources; methods of providing licenses i.e. bilateral agreement versus direct allocation methods; new definitions and a revision on the functions of regulatory authorities.

Also present at the meeting were Chief Parliamentary Counsel Mr. Cecil Dhurjon, SC, CCH, Parliamentary Consultant Mrs. Ananda Dhurjon and State Counsels Ms. Joann Bond, Ms. Cheyanne Lall and Ms. Ronetta Sargent.




  1. Commonwealth team meets Attorney General on Oil and Gas Legislation..
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