Commander urges cops to be “appreciative” of their salaries


Police officers during the launching of COPSQUAD2000 [File photo]
Region Five Commander Superintendent Carol Harding says that she has zero tolerance for police corruption.

She made the comment during Tuesday evening’s Police & You Radio Programme, when asked by Guyana Police Force (GPF) Public Relations Officer Stan Gouveia of her posture on any allegations of corrupt activities that may bring discredit to the GPF.

“…we’re being paid for a job and we should be appreciative of our salaries and do what we’re being paid to do.”

She, however, noted that it takes two to foster corruption (bribes), since there has to be a giver in order for a member of the Police Force to become a receiver.

“If you are giving, you’re culpable and you need to be dealt with also. It’s not just the receiver,” the Commander highlighted.

“I think if a policeman stops you on the road and demand money for which, a job which he is being paid for, which he or she is being paid for, then you have the right to go and make a complaint.”

The Commander went on to explain that “most times, persons are an enabler because of the dynamics of our court system and all of it, I find that persons are enabling certain behaviours. “

“If you are gonna enable the police, then both of you should be dealt with,” she expressed, noting that unfortunately, it is the police rank that usually faces the backlash.

Only recently, Assistant Superintendent Elston Baird, Head of the Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR), revealed that ‘givers’ of bribes can also be prosecuted as long as the receiver (Police rank) comes forward and gives a statement saying that they received a bribe from the accused.

He had also encouraged members of the public to go into the OPR offices within their region, or report to the Commander of that region, Police ranks who may be making demands, monetary or otherwise.