Comedian Habeeb Khan dies

Habeeb Khan


Habeeb Khan
Habeeb Khan

[] – Popular comedian, Habeen Khan died in his sleep today, Tuesday, July 22 at his Friendship, East Bank Demerara home.

iNews understands that Khan has been ailing for a while with an asthma related illness. The 77 – year – old man was the father of 16 children with four women.

In 2009, Khan was featured in Kaieteur News’ Special Person edition, where he revealed that he grew up in relative comfort in Queenstown, Georgetown. His father was a doctor.

The article noted that the family had a gardener, a maid and a nanny to look after the children.

Habeeb attended Central High School. Before his work as an entertainer (he did not describe himself as a comedian), Habeeb worked with the Venezuelan Embassy, in the interior and on boats.

However, Habeeb Khan’s work in the entertainment field really kicked into gear in the ‘70s. “I was always a safety valve. I just like to see people laughing.”

According to the article, he hooked up world-renowned Guyanese-born British actor, Norman Beaton of the “Desmond” fame and formed the “4 Bs” band playing at the Strand Cinema, Suriname, Palm Court and the Belvedere, among other places.

Khan in his younger days.
Khan in his younger days.

It was during this time that he experimented with a little comedy. Sometimes a guest artiste would come late and Habeeb would just hold the audience with a joke or two. He got better and soon it was a routine.

Soon, he ventured overseas and was performing with Ben E. King, Percy Sledge, Count Basie, the Mighty Sparrow and Bob Marley. He has been hailed as Guyana’s most popular comedian and described as this country’s “Ambassador of Comedy”.



  1. Habeeb will be missed by a lot of Guyanese and millions more around the world, those who attended his shows and heard his jokes & stories. May his soul rest in peace.


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