Colwyn Harding advised against seeking treatment at GPHC

Colwyn Harding i


By Leroy Smith

Colwyn Harding
Colwyn Harding

[] – Colwyn Harding was rushed to the Georgetown Public Hospital yesterday [Monday, September 15] after his intestine collapsed. Harding is the young man, who alleged that he was sexually assaulted with a baton by a police constable while he was in custody at the Timehri Police Station in November 2013.

Harding’s mother told iNews that she was advised by private doctors not to allow anyone from the Georgetown Public Hospital to administer medication or perform any operation on the young man.

The woman said that after the intestine of the young man collapsed, they rushed him to the GPHC where doctors were quick to take him into the theatre for surgery without properly being briefed about his condition.

According to the mother, one of the doctors even told her that they have to take him into the operating room to replace a body part.

The woman said she objected and signed a discharge sheet for her son.

The one time larceny accused was then taken to a private hospital where he was seen by doctors who treated him for bleeding caused by the collapsed intestine and then sent him home.

Since the unfortunate incident of being sexually assaulted, Harding’s relatives have not been able to raise the $3.7 Million needed for him to undergo corrective surgery.



  1. Its not sad because if you were following the news you would of the story that he went on bail for $75000 for chopping a girl and robbing she in front of ashmins

  2. Why the people you have there as Gov cannot pay for this man’s corrective surgery. Again I am asking where is the church ministers this is no money with all the churches we have there, They can come together and raise this fund.


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