‘COLLISION CORNER’: Another accident at Church and New Garden Streets in Georgetown

Another accident at the corners of Church and New Garden Streets (Shiv Chanderpaul Drive) in Georgetown has left two motor cars (HC 2806 and HC 4648) badly damaged yesterday afternoon. Numerous accidents have been made at this particular intersection.
It is the popular view that this particular intersection has the highest record for the most accidents which leaves many puzzled as to why this is so. One passerby was heard yelling yesterday at the latest accident scene,   “Dis corner get accident jumbie”. Two days ago an accident at the same junction saw the vehicles ending up in a similar position. No one was injured in the accident.
INews photographer Carl Croker captured the following scenes after yesterday’s accident:
accident 6accident 7accident 8
accident 5


  1. Ask 90% of the drivers that question and you will be very surprised,they will ask you what C you talking about much less 5 ,,,


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