COI into Public Service to begin in August

Minister Harmon and other officials. [Jules Gibson Photo]

Minister Harmon and other officials. [Jules Gibson Photo]
Minister Harmon and other officials. [Jules Gibson Photo]
[] – Minister of State, Joseph Harmon has revealed that Commissioners have already been identified to sit the Commission of Inquiry (COI) into Guyana’s Public Service.

A press release noted that President David Granger will soon sign the instruments of commission, appointing the commissioners to “get the commission’s work started”.

When the Guyana Public Service Union celebrated its 92nd anniversary on June 8, 2015, President Granger in his address to the union had promised to establish an inquiry into the conditions of service, wages, training, salaries and other issues of public servants.”

On Friday, Minister Harmon and a team visited a section of the Public Service Ministry where the actual hearings of the commission will take place. Even though preparatory works are still ongoing, Harmon predicts that those works will be completed soon as the intention is to have that commission begin hearings no later than August 2015.



  1. Carlton, for your information the public service positions are open to the public. Any ethnic race can apply and join the GDF or the GPF. Stop trying to pedal racial issues. Look at the evidence of people link to the PPP in all types of corruption and political motivated killing. With the assistance of the american government we will all read of the major drug trafficers linked to the PPP. As they the long hand of the american law start extending we will have fun. It starts with cash jet pilot. Stay tuned for the coming attraction. Suicide rate among PPP activist and supports will rise.

  2. Not Granger fault that the PPP supporters don’t got the guts and willpower to survive the training in the police force and the army. When you address that problem you would have answered the question you are asking.

  3. What are they going to do about lack of racial diversity in the public service, especially the army and police? We dont need an enquiry to know it is a bureaucratic nightmare chock full of PNC opetatives.


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